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Standard Services:

  • vehicle exterior is cleaned, depending on condition of vehicle at delivery

  • vehicles are stored in enclosed buildings, partly alarm monitored (depending on package)

  • vehicles are permanently plugged into battery chargers / conditioners

  • tyres are inflated to storage pressure

  • vehicles are covered with high quality paletots

  • vehicles are regularly visually inspected, tyre pressures monitored and fluid levels checked


Optional Services (at cost):

  • vehicle movement

  • cleaning package (vehicle preparation) exterior / interior

  • transport (pick up / delivery)

  • purchase oil drip pan (provided by RABAG during storage) / tire protector set

  • storage bonded warehouse

Additional Services (through our partners, at cost):

  • vehicle examination incl. preparation of protocol

  • vehicla valuation (Classic Data)

  • vehicle conservation (decommissioning) for long term storage (>2 years) / vehicle commissioning

  • registration, deregistration, plate changes

  • coordination of vehicle servicing and TÜV / MOT

  • repair & restoration management

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