Committed to Excellence



For our clients we always go the "extra mile".

From storage, maintenance and car preparation

to transportation and customs activities,
incl. our own bonded warehouse.
Together with our experienced partners we take car of our clients' cars

with professionalism, care and passion

Due to the RABAG one stop shopping for car logistics, our clients appreciate and benefit
from the possibility to have their cars delivered to anywhere they want them, at any time. 


RABAG Services

Exceeding your Expectations

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RABAG Automobilbaugesellschaft mbH
Stuifenstrasse 48
74385 Pleidelsheim

+49 (0) 7144 / 15034-0

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday:  08:00h - 16.30h

Delivery / pickup outside business hours

only after prior consultation.

Thank you very much for your interest!
We will get back to you in due time.